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We invest in and provide expertise to early-stage entrepreneurs.

To develop proven early-stage business concepts and their management teams for sustainable growth into the next venture cycle.
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Marc Savy


Marc founded Payroll Savvy (Now: Applied Payroll) in 2012. He spent his time prior to this working in his family’s accounting firm becoming an expert with books, tax, forecasting, and payroll. Payroll Savvy was grown organically from 2012 to 2018. In 2018, Marc took on his first strategic investor, Applied Business Solutions. Marc currently runs Payroll Savvy and oversees operations at Applied Business Solutions.

Marc’s true passion is entrepreneurship. After his years of building a business, becoming an expert in processes and systems, he is looking forward to investing in other entrepreneurs. He sees investing as more than just writing a check. He sees it as a mentorship program where he can use his experience and expertise to add massive value to other startups.

Jay Morris


Jay Morris is the Founder and Managing Director of Phase Integration, a commercial technology consulting and project management company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. His entrepreneurial background prepared him to found Phase Integration in 2016 and to also successfully sell the brand and ownership shares to Suddath Companies, who is the nation’s largest commercial logistics company in 2020.

Jay has a passion for working with and investing in entrepreneurs and companies that want to go against the grain and fill gaps in their respective industries with their unique product or service.

Nhat Nguyen


Nhat is serial entrepreneur with a focus on healthcare. In 2010, he founded Meridian Health Group, a healthcare company providing services in physical medicine and wellness serving the community of Jacksonville, FL. During this time, he also founded First Element, a digital marketing agency, helping local businesses generate new customers. As an entrepreneur, Nhat’s passion is to develop a great service philosophy and his strength is executing a plan to achieve that goal.

As an investor, he hopes to provide value with his experience and help entrepreneurs execute their plan for success. His industries of interest are in healthcare, real estate, and sports related companies.

Brian Magazu


Brian Magazu is the founder and CEO of MAD Consulting Group, which advises retail, e-commerce, and manufacturing companies resulting in over $100M in new sales since 2010. Having left corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship in 2005, Brian is an enthusiastic advocate for early stage and developing businesses.

His interests include travel and foreign cultures, reading, investing, gardening, and Magic: The Gathering. He’s married to a Registered Dietitian who loves pizza and tacos. The two reside in Jacksonville, FL with their dog, Frankie.

Brandon Hurd


Brandon Hurd is Founder & Managing Director of BHRS Companies, a real property services firm headquartered in Jacksonville, FL since 2014. His consortium of founded companies comprise successful and complimentary commercial real estate, construction management, traditional and non-traditional contracting, and modular building manufacturing business units serving clients throughout the United States. After his departure from a leading global enterprise he is now able to focus his time and attention on developing and growing successful businesses of varying phases. Since inception his teams have transacted, advised, managed and built over $500M in projects for their clients.

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