Child Custody Attorney New York

Child Custody Attorney New York

Are you searching for the best child custody law firms near me? Jacob Rubinstein at Rubinstein Law Firm is a highly sought-after divorce attorney in New York with over eight years of experience. Ranked as the leading child custody attorney in New York, Jacob can help you understand the custody laws and negotiate a favorable deal.

Who decides child custody?

As it is the case with any family law issue, the child’s parents drive the custody case. If both parents can work together and arrive at a fair and proper custody arrangement, the judge may adopt it into a court order. By collaborating, you and your spouse can enjoy more control over what happens to your children after your separation or divorce.

Alternatively, if find it hard to agree on custody and visitation terms, the court will decide for you. The judge will investigate, apply specific factors, and pass a custody order. Hire one of our good child custody attorneys to help you get the best custody and visitation terms.

Can I modify a custody arrangement?

The custody order can require a few amends due to changes in each parent’s living arrangements. Each state has different procedures for changing the custody or visitation orders.

For starters, the parent requesting the change must demonstrate that there has been a substantial change in living arrangements or circumstances since the last order. The court also requires the requesting parent to prove that the existing order no longer serves your child’s best interest. Hire a child custody lawyer to help you request a modification to current custody orders.

How can our child custody lawyer help you?

Working with our child custody and visitation lawyers can help you determine the child custody terms to benefit you, your ex-spouse, and your kids. Our custody lawyer can help you in the following areas:

  1. Understanding of the law – As one of the most seasoned visitations and custody lawyers, Jacob is an expert in dealing with child custody concerns and possesses in-depth knowledge of the custody laws in NY. Our lawyer can play the role of a mediator, protect your rights, and negotiate the best terms for you.
  2. Prioritizes your child’s interest – While you may feel aggravated by your divorce and focus on settling things as fast as possible, our attorney can provide you his unbiased advise and help you evaluate things objectively. The expert can help you decide the best arrangement for your children.
  3. Proficiency in courtroom procedures – Jacob Rubinstein is a skilled expert in courtroom procedures and can help you achieve the best possible case outcome, especially in situations where your ex-spouse denies custody support or deprives you of visitation.

Call Rubinstein Law Firm at 516-268-7077 to schedule a free consultation or visit our website. Our child custody attorney in New York can help you fight for your rights as a parent and provide your child with the best future possible. Your search for the best visitation and custody lawyers ends here. Get in touch with us to increase your chances of winning your child custody battle with your ex-spouse.

Child Custody Attorney New York

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