Estate Attorney Chula Vista

Estate Attorney Chula Vista

Broaden Law LLP is one of the top-rated family law firms in Chula Vista, with the best estate law and probate attorneys. Naima B. Solomon is a leading estate attorney in Chula Vista with several positive reviews, a high success rate, and an outstanding track record.

What Can An Estate Attorney Do For You?

Estate planning attorneys possess the legal license, experience, and a thorough understanding of the state and federal estate planning laws. They also know how these laws affect your estate when inventoried, valued, dispersed, or taxed after your time. Trust preparation lawyers can educate you about the probate process and assist you with tasks such as:

  • Creating a will
  • Designating your beneficiaries
  • Establishing a durable power of attorney
  • Reducing and avoiding estate tax when possible
  • Finding ways to circumvent the probate court process, etc.

They can also help you set up trusts to protect the assets that can benefit you in your lifetime and your beneficiaries after your death. As the best estate law firm in Chula Vista, we create individualized plans for our clients based on their specific needs and offer valuable legal advice for their situations.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning refers to determining what happens to your property after you die. In addition to determining where your property goes after your death, it also involves making decisions about young children, their property, your taxes, avoiding probate, your health care during your lifetime, etc.

Sitting down for a consultation with your attorney can help you make a will, receive a health care directive, create a final arrangement document, and much more. Estate planning with an attorney's guidance can help you prevent probate, a court process that involves distributing your property after you die.

Do I Need An Estate Attorney To Make A Will?

Whether you should seek a lawyer's help for drafting such an important legal document depends on your situation. If you need to make a will to take care of issues like leaving your home, investment, a small business, or other personal items to your loved ones, you may be able to do it with a few do-it-yourself materials. The law still considers a will legal if you make it without an attorney's assistance.

However, if you don't know how to make a will or the procedures involved in drafting one are confusing, you should hire one of the best estate planning lawyers to help you with the process. You should communicate to a lawyer if you have questions about your will, discuss other options for leaving your property, or expect to leave a large number of assets that may be subject to estate tax, etc.

Entrusting your will and estate planning to a skilled attorney can help you feel more comfortable. Even if your situation has no legal complications, it may still be a better decision to entrust the process to experienced will and trust lawyers to prevent errors and potential mistakes.

Call 619-567-6845 to hire the best estate attorney in Chula Vista. Broaden Law LLP can help you create a will, designate beneficiaries, and avoid estate tax and the probate court process.

Estate Attorney Chula Vista

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